Hamsar 12V MultiSockets, 3 Socket, Hardwired

Item #: HM30
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Manuf. Part #: 98229
Weight (lbs): 0.35
Description: 3 Socket
Style: Hardwired
Price: $15.55
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Multiple DC outlets to power your accessories
  • Additional DC sockets for laptops, cell phones, navigation systems, PDAs and other DC accessories.
  • Features an 8-1/2" lead for permanent mounting with adhesive (included) or your own hardware.
  • Rated at 8A. Imported

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All versions of Hamsar 12V MultiSockets:
Item # Description Style Each
HM2 2 Socket 12V DC Plug $16.55
HM3 3 Socket 12V DC Plug $20.55
HM30 3 Socket Hardwired $15.55