Aid Lights Class 1 Amber LED Beacon, Permanent/Pipe Mount, 6.5"H

Maintains higher light intensity by eliminating heat
Aid Lights Class 1 Amber LED Beacon, Permanent/Pipe Mount, 6.5"H
Item #: CB1TPA
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Manufacturer: AID LIGHTS
Manuf. Part #: SL.2250.HSA
Weight (lbs): 2.5
Mount: Permanent/Pipe
LED Color: Amber
Lens Color: Amber
Height: 6.5"
Price: $153.55
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  • 10 flash patterns
  • .2.7A draw
  • 1248V DC
  • 6.3" dia. x 6.5"H
  • USA made

This high-dome Class I Beacon with 30 amber LEDs produces more flashes per minute with less power draw. Air continually flows through the inner heat sink and pulls heat away from the LED lights to enable brighter modes of operation. Heavy-duty materials and a water-resistant electronics compartment make this warning light extremely durable. Automatic dimming control saves even more power. Beacon can also be used as a steady burn, nonflashing light. Protected against reverse polarity. Permanent/pipe mount includes a 1" pipe mount and three-hole flange with three 12"L wire pigtails. J845 Class 1, CA Title 13.

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All versions of Aid Lights Class 1 LED Beacons:
Item # Mount LED Color Lens Color Height Each
CB1TPA Permanent/Pipe Amber Amber 6.5" $153.55
CB1TPR Permanent/Pipe Red Red 6.5" $153.55
CB1TPW Permanent/Pipe White Clear 6.5" $153.55
CB1TPB Permanent/Pipe Blue Blue 6.5" $153.55
CB1TPG Permanent/Pipe Green Green 6.5" $153.55
CB1TMA Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Amber Amber 6.5" $163.55
CB1TMR Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Red Red 6.5" $163.55
CB1TMW Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe White Clear 6.5" $163.55
CB1TMB Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Blue Blue 6.5" $163.55
CB1TMG Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Green Green 6.5" $163.55
CB1SPA Permanent/Pipe Amber Amber 4.65" $153.55
CB1SPR Permanent/Pipe Red Red 4.65" $153.55
CB1SPW Permanent/Pipe White Clear 4.65" $153.55
CB1SPB Permanent/Pipe Blue Blue 4.65" $153.55
CB1SPG Permanent/Pipe Green Green 4.65" $153.55
CB1SMA Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Amber Amber 4.65" $163.55
CB1SMR Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Red Red 4.65" $163.55
CB1SMW Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe White Clear 4.65" $163.55
CB1SMB Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Blue Blue 4.65" $163.55
CB1SMG Magnetic/Permanent/Pipe Green Green 4.65" $163.55