B/A Products GrabiQ™ Grade 100 Lifting Chain Sling, 1/2" x 12'L, Foundry Hook, Single Leg

Reduced fittings at the master link simplifies the rigging process
Item #: BGC43
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Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: Q10-S1212FH
Weight (lbs): 43.8
Price: $325.95
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  • Grade 100 chain
  • 15,000-lb. at 60°
  • Lighter weight with more flexibility
  • Every leg is adjustable with built-in shortening pockets
  • USA made

GrabiQ combines up to three functions in a single component, replacing up to seven different fittings traditionally used. These chain slings feature a master link, connecting links for two legs of chain and shortening hooks for each leg, all in one fitting. Fewer bearing points reduce wear and increase sling life. Well suited for all sorts of rigging, including multi-leg slings, baskets and chokers. Available in various sizes, lengths and six different hook styles to meet your needs.