B/A Products Grade 80 Self-Locking Swivel Hook, 5/16", 4,500-lb. WLL

Swivel allows hook to rotate in any direction
Item #: G8516SSLH
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Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: G8-516SSLH
Weight (lbs): 2.9
Size: 5/16"
WLL: 4,500 lb.
Price: $35.65
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  • Latch locks automatically under load
  • Release trigger only operates when load is released
  • Swivel allows winch cable to properly wrap on the drum

You will never have to replace a safety latch again with a Self-Locking Swivel Hook. V-chain will not come unhooked from winch cable when hooking up a vehicle. Also prevents hook from getting caught on edge of bed or suspension components of casualty vehicle. Imported.

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All versions of B/A Products Grade 80 Self-Locking Swivel Hooks:
Item # Size WLL Each
G838SSLH 3/8" 7,100 lb. $59.35
G8516SSLH 5/16" 4,500 lb. $35.65
G858SSLH 5/8" 18,100 lb. $130.95
G812SSLH 1/2" 12,000 lb. $99.95