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B/A Products Jerk Rope Shock Absorbing Link Assembly, 20,000-Lb. Load Cap.

Absorbs shock and provides added pulling force
Item #: JR20
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Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: RL20
Weight (lbs): 7
WLL: 20,000 lb.
Price: $229.99
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  • Compact size for easier transport and storage
  • Grade 100, 1/2" oblong master link on each end
  • Protected by heavy-duty Cordura® outer covering
  • USA made

Unique Jerk Rope web assembly absorbs shock upon initial loading, then retracts, contributing to pulling force. US Patent # 9233585 B1.

NOTE: Never attach rope to a chain or to any attachment point with a lower rated strength than the original rope.

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All versions of B/A Products Jerk Rope Assemblies:
Item # WLL Each
JR100 100,000 lb. $724.99
JR75 75,000 lb. $539.99
JR54 54,000 lb. $414.99
JR20 20,000 lb. $229.99