BackRack Cab Protector for Ford 1999–2015 Super Duty

Help protect your cab from weather and wear and tear
Item #: BR15001
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Manufacturer: BACKRACK INC
Manuf. Part #: 15001
Weight (lbs): 50
Depth: BackRack
Price: $169.95
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  • Constructed from 100% steel tubes with steel end caps for added strength
  • Rounded edges and black powder coating for corrosion protection
  • Help protect your cab from harsh weather and work conditions out on the job

BackRack style offers strength, functionality and style. Open design for securing cargo without blocking your rear view.

NOTE: You must purchase a hardware kit to mount the rack. Choose from the following available kits.

Standard No-Drill Hardware Kit

Designed to be used on trucks that will not have a cross bed toolbox behind the cab. Consists of a rail mount bracket and rail plate that adds strength to the sheet metal bed of the truck. The rail plate provides a solid base to secure the cab guard assembly. NOTE: Only this kit is compatible with tonneau covers.

Toolbox No-Drill Hardware Kit

Accommodates a standard 21" cross bed toolbox (not included). The toolbox sits on top of the toolbox brackets allowing you to slide it forward so bed space is not wasted. The tool box is secured to the brackets by drilling sheet metal screws through the tool box into the top of the bracket.

NOTE: Brackets are application specific. Make sure to reference your truck's make/model to choose the correct bracket.

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All versions of BackRack Cab Protectors:
Item # Depth Each
BK30112 Standard Kit $99.95
BK30117 Standard Kit $99.95
BK30119 Standard Kit $99.95
BK30123 Standard No-Drill Hardware Kit $112.95
BK30201 Standard Kit $99.95
BK30511 Standard Kit $95.95
TL143 LightRack $300.95
TL144 LightRack $300.95
TL145 LightRack $300.95
BR15001 BackRack $169.95
BR15004 BackRack $169.95
BR15006 BackRack $169.95
TR143 Three RoundbarRack $230.95
TR144 Three RoundbarRack $230.95
TR145 Three RoundbarRack $230.95
HS143 Half SafetyRack $230.95
HS144 Half SafetyRack $230.95
HS145 Half SafetyRack $230.95
HL143 Half LouveredRack $230.95
HL144 Half Louvered Rack $230.95
HL145 Half Louvered Rack $230.95
LR12300 Louvered Rack $230.95
LR12400 Louvered Rack $230.95
LR12500 Louvered Rack $230.95
OR14300 Open Rack $169.95
OR14400 Open Rack $169.95
OR14500 Open Rack $169.95
SR10300 Safety Rack $230.95
SR10400 Safety Rack $230.95
SR10500 Safety Rack $230.95
BK30112TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30117TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30118TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30119TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30201TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30511TB Toolbox Kit $95.95
BK30102TB Toolbox No-Drill Hardware Kit $95.95
BK30109TB Toolbox No-Drill Hardware Kit $95.95
BK30123TB Toolbox No-Drill Hardware Kit $112.95