Bracketron Vehicle USB EZCharger, 1A, Single USB Port, Black

Charge devices quickly
Item #: BTRN15
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Manufacturer: BRACKETRON
Manuf. Part #: BT2-643-2
Weight (lbs): 0.1
Description: Single USB Port
Color: Black
Output: 1A
Price: $10.45
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Plugs into a vehicle's 12V port. Features 2-way universal USB port for plugging in your USB cable either way.

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All versions of Bracketron USB EZChargers:
Item # Description Color Output Each
BTRN15 Single USB Port Black 1A $10.45
BTRN16 Single USB Port Silver 1A $10.45
BTRN17 Single USB Port Black 2.4A $13.65
BTRN18 Single USB Port Silver 2.4A $12.25
BTRN19 Dual USB Ports Black 3.4A $18.25
BTRN20 Dual USB Ports Silver 3.4A $18.25
BTRN21 Dual USB Ports Black 4.8A $23.25
BTRN22 Dual USB Ports Silver 4.8A $23.25