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GoJak combination wheel dollies/jacks let you lift and move a locked, blocked or disabled vehicle by hand in just seconds. A few pumps of the foot pedal squeezes the disabled vehicle’s tire between the two rollers until the tire lifts off the ground, allowing you to gently push the vehicle into position for hook-up. 360° industrial caster wheels let you spin, slide and glide the vehicle into place. GoJaks don’t replace towing dollies, but do allow you the ability to position vehicles by hand.
GoJak In Use Photo
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and accessories
GoJak 6200 GoJak Universal Locking Mounting Bracket
GoJak 6200
Item # GJ6200
$269.85 each

GoJak Universal
Locking Mounting

Item # GJ108
$68.65 each

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GoJak 5000
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GoJak Rack
GoJak 5000
Item # GJ5000
$249.95 each

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Item # GJ100
$99.55 each
SuperSlick GoJak 4500
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GoJak Replacement Parts
SuperSlick GoJak 4500
Item # GJ4500
$259.85 each

GoJak Replacement Kits
Item # GJK3, GJK1, GJK2A, GJK2B,
Starting at $107.65

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For even more GoJak Accessories Click Here GoJak Weather Protector Jacket
Gojak Accessories
GoJak Weather
Protector Jacket

Item # GJ106
$39.95 each

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