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Low-Profile Sign Stand With Latch Bracket and Spring for Roll-Up Signs
Roll-up sign locks into place without tools.
To remove the sign lift up tab.       This opens the lock.
The legs can be extended by pushing the lock pin in and pulling the leg outward to next locking pinhole.
The legs can be locked in 3 different positions to level on uneven surfaces. The spring loaded base is designed for windy areas.
Universal Sign Holder for Roll-Up Signs
Roll-up signs install easily into the universal sign holder. Simply rest the bottom of the vertical support on the mount and clamp it in place by turning the knob on the clamp bracket.
The legs can be extended by pushing the lock pin in and pulling the leg outward to next locking pinhole.
The legs can be locked in 3 different positions
to level on uneven surfaces.
Low-Profile Sign Stand
The vertical bottom support channel on the Roll-up sign can be inserted into the sign stand bracket by gently pushing the support channel into the sign stand bracket.
To remove the sign lift up tab.       This opens the lock.
The legs can be extended by pushing the lock pin in and pulling the leg outward to next locking pinhole.
The legs can be locked in 3 different positions
to level on uneven surfaces.
Particle Fuel Filter Kit
Particle filter kit helps stop contamination caused by dirt, silt and corrosion. Kit includes installation instructions and hardware to attach to the pump, fits 1" inlets and is for use with FR4210 pump.

The filter kit includes:
Particulate Filter   Elbow   Filter Head
Inside the filter is the filter to filter head base gasket.
Remove the ring and install the gasket on the filter head.
The inside of the pipe nipple measures about 1 inch.
The outside of the pipe threads measures about 1-5/16 inch.
The inside of the 1 inch nipple measures about 1-1/8 inch.
The specs and warnings are printed on the filter label.
Star Lightbar
The SX24A is a 24-inch, 3-strobe, permanent mount mini lightbar. Each strobe produces 75 quad flashes per minute for a total output of 225 quad flashes per minute. The lightbar output is 6 amps, 74 watts and 17.6 joules and it meets SAE J845 Class 1 and CA Title 13 regulations. It is 24"L x 7-1/4"W x 4-3/4"H and weighs 11-1/2 lbs.
The mini lightbar offers a very unique range of truck light color schemes, featuring outer bar lenses that you can mix and match with inner strobe lenses. Pictured above is an amber outer lens and below are the clear inner strobe lenses. Available lens colors are AMBER, BLUE, RED, and CLEAR in either outer or inner strobe lenses.
The outer lens is held on by 3 screws on each end.
The bar includes an adhesive backed gasket and mounting bolts.
The bottom of the bar has 2 full-length channels to install mounting bolts.
The bolts are inserted in the starting hole in the channel.
The bolts match the holes in the gasket along the channel.
The lightbar model number id tag is on the lightbar base.
FH10A Dimensions & Components
FH10A is 1/2" chain with a 2-ft.-reach, Grade-100 chain assembly.

Foundry Hook    Connector Link    Grade-100 Chain    Master Link
The Foundry Hook opening is 3-1/2".
Chain Tag
AW Pull Grips
The TSX1C is a complete Pull Grip that includes T-handle, barrel, roll pins, spring, and plunger,
Assembled in un-locked position.   Assembled in locked position
The TSX1B included all parts except the barrel.
TSX1AWW includes T handle and roll pins
Sweatshirt Measurements
** Because sweatshirts are mass produced, measurements may be + or – 1", depending how the material is measured. Measurements below were taken on a flat surface with sweatshirts in a relaxed arrangement.

MEDIUM – 34"
LARGE – 36"
XLARGE – 36"
2XLARGE – 37"
MEDIUM – 23"
LARGE – 24"
XLARGE – 23"
2XLARGE – 23"
MEDIUM – 27"
LARGE – 28"
XLARGE – 30"
2XLARGE – 30"
MEDIUM - 22"
LARGE – 24"
XLARGE – 25"
2XLARGE – 28"
Connecting Links
Connector links are used to connect chain to chain or chain to Master Links. The connector link is connected with a load pin that is pressed in. The collar or stud is fitted between the two half pieces of links.

Half Piece               Load Pin  Collar/Stud               Half Piece
To connect, join the two half pieces
Insert the collar/stud. Insert the load pin and press in
Connecting link assembled
Super LED Beacon and Mirror Mount Bracket
The lens can be taken off by removing 2 opposite screws.
Bottom base of light
A gasket is included to separate the
light-base and MRR20 bracket.
The MRR20 includes mounting plate with bracket to mount light to mirror tube.
Easy Off Twist Socket Set
These sockets grip lock nuts that threaded or wedge-style sockets just can't touch. 5 sizes fit virtually every lock lug nut on the market. Easy to use and works with impact gun or breaker bar. Kit includes plastic case, 5 sizes of twist sockets and straight rod to remove wedged lug from socket.
Flexsweep Broom Heads and Handles
The broom heads are available in fine, medium and coarse bristle with 2 pre-drilled holes in the head to attach the handle. The handle includes the mounting support which includes 2 mounting screws and an allen wrench.
The handle support includes allen head screws while some broom heads include hex head screws. The only difference between the allen head screws and hex head screws is the screw head. The screw threads are the same on both, so you can use either screws.
Wheel Masters® Valve Extenders
The Wheel Masters® valve extensions are available in rubber or stainless steel to fit 16"- to 19-1/2"-dia. dual wheels.

For wheels with exposed axle, remove opposite axle cover bolts, then install two flat brackets.

For wheels with wheel cover over axle, pop rivet “L” brackets to wheel cover.
Maxxima® Surface Mount Warning Lights
The AX0373 light includes the gasket, light, snap-on black bezel and mounting screws.
The light has 4 LEDs. Wiring Diagram Sheet Included.
The back of the light base is flat.
Drill holes in mounting surface
Install light with supplied screws
Snap bezel in place
Light information on box
Flash pattern sequence on box
Color code for wires
Whelen Lightbar
AW Item # WB34PA includes the lightbar, 8ft power cable, mounting bolts, and instruction manual.
Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts
The foot pad can be moved back and forth by loosing the lock screw with a hex wrench (not included).
Lightbar Model number       Series           Whelen Part Number
Corner Strobe Assembly          Work Lights
Amber Lens 6 ½”      Clear Lens 5”     Lens Divider       End Cap
Towmate Wireless LED Wide Load Lightbar
The WTL36B andWTL48B lightbars are shipped with
instructions, a 7 pin transmitter, and a 7 pin charge plug.
The 7 pin transmitter is plugged into the truck’s 7 pin socket.
7 pin transmitter plug end and Truck 7 pin socket
A 7 pin charge plug is included (you supply the red power and
black ground wire, and fuse).
On the bottom of the lightbar is a 7 pin charge socket to plug
in the 7 pin charge plug to charge the batteries.
• Remember to read instructions first
• Charge Batteries before using
• It takes about 6 to 8 hrs to charge the batteries
• Batteries will run about 10 hrs on a full charge.
Go Jack Replacement Caster and Wheel Assemblies
Caster and Wheel Assembly
Wheel and Bearing
Self Adhesive Strip Lights
The ½"-wide, 36"-long strip lighting has a self-adhesive back that sticks to most surfaces. Includes two 10"-long leads and 18 LEDs per foot for a total of 54 LEDs.
Bumper Guides and Parts ID
The bumper guides come in a pair – one for each side of the bumper. Also included are the mounting clamps and wire.
Mounting clamps Bottom of
bumper guide
Lens      Chrome Lens Cap      Spacer
Bulb       Socket and Wires
The chrome lens cap threads onto the threads of the bumper guide.
The Amber lens fits inside
the chrome lens cap.
The spacer fits over
the bulb and socket.
Bare(Self-Colored) and Zinc Coated Chain
The chain on the left is bare chain or self-colored The chain on the right is self-colored chain that is zinc-coated
When the manufacturer makes custom chain assemblies, some of the links or hooks may be self-colored. The manufacturer can have the self-colored pieces zinc coated but there is a charge and a longer lead time. The zinc coating is rust resistant for longer chain life.
LED Light Flash Patterns
There are 25 possible combinations of flash patterns for the AWD3 LED Lights. The lights can flash the same pattern, different patterns or alternate a flash pattern between two lights (this is also called Wig-Wag).
Covermax Slings
These green synthetic slings are made with K-Spec® high performance fibers and have a bulked nylon outer cover that is virtually abrasion resistant. The Twin-Path® patented design provides the rigger with double the protection in the event that one path is cut. These slings have 1% stretch at rated capacity and are made in matched lengths. All Twin-Path Extra Slings have the Check-Fast® Inspection System designed to improve job-site safety. If the sling is overloaded, the External Warning Indicator is designed to disappear before the sling fails, alerting you to take the sling out of service. These slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter Six and US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14
All slings are measured from end to end, not the full length or circumference.
The Twin-Path sling has an EWI (External Warning Indicator). If the EWI is missing, remove the sling from service.
Recovery Hooks
Fire Extinguishers
Our Dry Chemical fire extinguishers listed below are Suitable for
Class A, Class B, and Class C fires.
Long Reach Tools
The Big Blue and Baby Blue both have white protective tips on the end. The Big Blue has a 6.6mm diameter shaft and uses the 6002226 protective tip. The Baby Blue has a 5mm diameter shaft and uses a smaller tip.
Inflation Gauges
The gauge bar has changed on this inflation gauge. The old style was 3 sided with psi on all 3 sides. The new gauge bar is square and reads psi on 2 sides and kPa on 2 sides.
The full-zip hooded and quarter-zip sweatshirts no longer have quilted lining. Instead, they now have a polyester lining while maintaining the softshell, polyamide fabric that’s infused with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector.
NOTE: Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont™ used under license by Ariens Specialty Brands LLC.
Cluster Hooks
Identifying hooks on cluster hook assemblies,
R, T, J, Datsun, Hammerhead, Grab.
Rubber Clamps
The long arm rubber clamp is adjustable from ½ inch to 4½ inch in diameter.
The clamp can be used on a flat level surface or fastened to a wall.
Side view Top view
The strap is 19 inches long and 1½ inches wide
rubber strap
Works on flat horizontal surface
Works on vertical or wall flat surface
Locking Hook Latch
Available in January there is a new style of Hook and Latch. The hook has a push pin that is spring loaded, when the pin is pushed the latch can be turned directly over the slot in the grab hook, when released the latch is locked onto the hook. Only available as hook and latch combination, latch not sold separate.
Latch in Open Position
Latch in Closed Postion
CARB Spouts
below is a picture of the old spout on the cans
Old Spout
New Spout
New Spout Diagram
8 Point Tie Down
The 8 point tie down is a suggested way to tie down a vehicle on a flatbed.
The TP419 has 4 ratchets with chain ends, 4 straps 14ft long with chain ends
and 4 double loop straps.
8 Point Tie Down Kit
The 8 point means the vehicle is tied down or secured at 8 different points on the bed. Each wheel is secured at 2 points. In the photo below the long strap with chain end is secured to the banjo eye or slot on the bed. The strap is then routed through the double loop strap and into the ratchet. The ratchet has a chain end and the chain is set in the grab hook on the bed. The ratchet is then tightened to complete the installation.
8 Point Tie Down Kit 8 Point Tie Down Kit
8 Point Tie Down Kit In the front the ratchet chain is attached to the grab hook.
In the rear the chain is secured to the bed slot or banjo eye
Level Winders RM75A RM75B

The RM75A and RM75B Ramsey level winders have 2 main springs. The springs fit over the spring retainer.
The spring retainer is bolted to the winch mounting angle. The hooks on the spring arm are hooked over the tensioner. Parts bag included to bolt down the retainer. Instructions for the 4 level winders can be are found
on AW’S web site under AW’S item number.
Mounting Holes, Spring Retainer
Spring Hold Down Loop, Springs
Tensioner Parts Bag
Installation Instructions
Fuse in Charge Cord

Most 12V charge cords have a fuse in the end of the plug in. To remove fuse
un-screw the serrated collar on the end.
Serrated colar sizes and styles may vary
Fuse, collar, plug
Thin wire inside fuse
Strobe Light Bulb Sockets

There are different types of strobe tube mounting bases and 2 different types of connectors.
Pop-in Socket Screw-In Socket Twist Lock Style Socket and Housing
Requires a 1 inch hole then the Pop-in type is pushed in the hole and held in by the undersized groove.
Requires a 1 inch hole then the screw-in type is pushed in the hole with a gasket. The base has 2 - 1/8 pre-drilled holes, then drill 2 holes in the housing and fasten the strobe base to the housing with 2 screws.
The beveled twist tab is inserted in the opening of the housing then push down and twist to lock
in place

The DEUTSCH Style has a triangular shape and is waterproof.

The Amp Style has a rectangular shape.
Deutsch Connectors Deutsch Connectors
The DEUTSCH connectors have waterproof ends that are sealed where the wires enter the connector. The DEUTSCH center has a waterproof seal and latch lock connector to make it waterproof.
Amp Connectors Amp Connectors
The AMP connectors are not waterproof, both ends are open. The AMP center connector has no seal or locking
device only press fit.

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