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I&I Slingmax CornerMax Pad for 8"W Straps

This pad will get the job done
Item #: CMX8
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Manufacturer: I&I SLING INC
Manuf. Part #: CRNMX08
Weight (lbs): 2.2
Description: Fits 8"W Straps
Price: $176.95
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CornerMax Pad forms a tunnel between the load edge and the pad. Its design is essential in protecting the pad from contacting the load edge which provides maximum protection to the sling. The exterior is made of yellow nylon web with three 3/4" nylon rods embedded on either side. It also has Velcro® closure for easy placement.

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All versions of I&I Slingmax CornerMax Pads:
Item # Description Each
CMX8 Fits 8"W Straps $176.95
CMX6 Fits 6"W Straps $133.95
CMX4 Fits 3"–4"W Straps $119.95