Thor DC Inverter 200A ANL Fuse with Block

Provides code compliant over-current protection
Item #: TFB200
Manuf. Part #: THANLFB-200
Weight (lbs): 3
Fuse Rating: 200A
Price: $29.95
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Use a 200A Inverter Fuse and Block to protect the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads. Poly carbonate base and thermoformed ABS cover provide durability and easy installation. Imported.

Fuse Kit Includes:

(1) Fuse holder

(1) 200A ANL Fuse

(2) Terminal insulators

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TFB80 80A $29.95
TFB100 100A $29.95
TFB150 150A $29.95
TFB200 200A $29.95
TFB300 300A $29.95
TFB400 400A $46.95