ECCO® Axios Customizable LED Lightbar Chassis, 39"L

Chassis for ECCO Customizable LED Lightbar
ECCO® Axios Customizable LED Lightbar Chassis, 39"L
Item #: EZ1439
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Manufacturer: AXIOS
Manuf. Part #: EZ1439
Weight (lbs): 22.8
Diameter: Lightbar Chassis
Price: $500.95
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Lightbar chassis includes lenses, controller, 8'L controller extension harness, 15'L power harness and permanent mount. Headache rack mount sold separately (A1401RMK). Suction cup mount for controller also available separately (EZ1415). Lightbar chassis measures 39”L x 10.5”W x 3”H (5”H with mounting feet).

If you would like your custom lightbar to be assembled by AW Direct before it ships, please include product number LBASSEMBLY with your purchase.

See here for more Axios Customizable Lightbar options and information

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All versions of ECCO Axios Customizable LED Lightbar Components:
Item # Diameter Each
EZ1448 Lightbar Chassis $527.95
EZ1439 Lightbar Chassis $500.95
EZ1415 Suction Cup Mount for Controller $22.95
EZ1414 LED Traffic Arrow $266.55
EZ1404 LED Stop/Tail/Turn Light Module $59.95
EZ1403WL LED Work Light Module $53.95
EZ1403AL LED Alley Light Module $53.95
EZ1402R Red Flashing LED Warning Beacon $82.95
A1401RMK Headache Rack Mount $40.95
EZ1402G Green Flashing LED Warning Beacon $82.95
EZ1402C White Flashing LED Warning Beacon $82.95
EZ1402B Blue Flashing LED Warning Beacon $82.95
EZ1401C White Flashing LED Warning Module $65.95
EZ1402A LED Warning Beacon $82.95
EZ1401B Blue Flashing LED Warning Module $65.95
EZ1401R Red Flashing LED Warning Module $65.95
EZ1472 Lightbar Chassis $607.55
EZ1401A LED Warning Module $65.95
EZ1401G Green Flashing LED Warning Module $65.95
EZ1460 Lightbar Chassis $580.75
EZ1454 Lightbar Chassis $554.95