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GoJak 5211 Vehicle Moving Jack (Left-Handed)

Solves auto positioning problems
Item #: 1485034
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Manufacturer: ZENDEX TOOL CORP
Manuf. Part #: G5211L
Weight (lbs): 35.5
Description: G5211L
WLL/Each: 1,300 lb.
WLL/Set: 2,600 lb.
Max Tire Width: 11"
Price: $249.95
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1 $249.95
2+ $221.85

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  • Rated at 1,300-lb. each (5,200-lb. for 4 units)
  • Works with wheels from 13" to most low profile 16" and tires up to 11"W

GoJaks are a combination jack/dolly which enable you to lift and move a locked, blocked or disabled vehicle into hook-up alignment with a tow truck or car carrier. GoJaks operate on the principle of a quick action, double-pawl, bi-directional ratchet. Mechanical leverage to the foot pedal squeezes the vehicle tire between two rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire-no contact with the vehicle frame or under carriage is necessary. GoJaks do not replace conventional dolly wheels. Instead, they allow you to safely and quickly reposition a vehicle for hook-up.

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All versions of GoJak Vehicle Moving Jacks:
Item # Description WLL/Each WLL/Set Max Tire Width Each
1485034 G5211L 1,300 lb. 2,600 lb. 11" $249.95
GJ5000 G5211R 1,300 lb. 2,600 lb. 11" $249.95
GJ6200 G6313 1,574 lb. 3,148 lb. 13" $269.85