B/A Products Grade 120 Chain w/ Eye Grab Hook, 9/32", 5,200-lb. WLL

Item #: GH12A
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Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: G12-932EGH
Weight (lbs): 1
Size: 9/32"
WLL: 5,200 lb.
Price: $20.95
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Our Grade 120 chains and hooks feature the highest Working Load Limits in the industry. All have been tested, certified and approved for overhead lifting. Made in Austria.
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All versions of Grade 120 Eye Grab Hooks:
Item # Size WLL Each
GH12C 1/2" 17,900 lb. $51.95
GH12B 3/8" 10,600 lb. $26.95
GH12A 9/32" 5,200 lb. $20.95