Harper #74 All-Purpose Broom, 18" Brush

Use indoors/outdoors in wet or dry conditions
Harper #74 All-Purpose Broom, 18" Brush
Item #: HB7418
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Weight (lbs): 4.1
Depth: Complete Broom
Shape: 18"
Price: $34.99
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  • Sweeps heavy debris such as oil dry, dirt and soil
  • Effectively cleans semi-smooth and rough surfaces
  • USA made

Durable All-Purpose Broom features an 18" brush containing medium-stiff synthetic bristles trimmed to 3-1/4". Mildew-resistant bristles retain their stiffness in water. Complete broom includes brush head, steel brace and 60"L hardwood handle with iron connector tip.

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All versions of Harper #74 All-Purpose Brooms:
Item # Depth Shape Each
HB7418H Broom Head for HB7418 18" $22.99
HB7424H Broom Head for HB7424 24" $25.99
HB7436 Complete Broom 36" $53.99
HB7430 Complete Broom 30" $44.99
HB7424 Complete Broom 24" $40.99
HB7418 Complete Broom 18" $34.99
HB7442 Complete Broom 42" $62.99
HB7430H Broom Head for HB7430 30" $37.99
HB7442H Broom Head for HB7442 42" $49.99
HB7436H Broom Head for HB7436 36" $42.99
HB89 Steel Brush Brace for 42"W Brooms $7.99
HBH60 Wooden Broom Handle 60" $16.99
HB87 Steel Broom Brace $6.45