Harper #96 Complete Broom, 16" Brush

Bright bristles are easy to spot
Harper #96 Complete Broom, 16" Brush
Item #: HB9616
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Weight (lbs): 3.6
Description: Complete Broom
Size: 16"
Price: $33.99
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  • Ideal for sweeping wet debris on rough surfaces
  • Small head size works well in smaller, hard-to-reach spaces
  • USA made

Compact Broom features strong, safety orange-color plastic bristles trimmed to 4-1/4". Complete broom includes 16"L head, steel brace, 60"L handle and iron connector tip.

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All versions of Harper #96 Compact Brooms:
Item # Description Size Each
HB9618H Broom Head for HB9618 18" $19.99
HB9618 Complete Broom 18" $35.99
HB9616 Complete Broom 16" $33.99
HB9616H Broom Head for HB9616 16" $18.99