AW Direct Hide-A-Flash Screw-in Strobe Tube w/ AMP Connector, Amber

Item #: NOV700AA
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Manufacturer: AW DIRECT
Weight (lbs): 0.1
Color: Amber
Connector: AMP
Mounting: Screw-In
Price: $51.95
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Turn ordinary headlights into extraordinary warning lights with this Screw-In Strobe Tube! Simply mount it in a 1 inch hole inside your existing headlight, tail light, or directional signal housing. Turn the strobe on/off with a flip of a switch - it won't interfere with normal headlight functions. Economical AMP style connector makes a tight attachment that can be sealed against moisture by using silicone sealant. Each strobe tube requires one outlet on an AW Direct Brand power supply and an AW Direct Brandpower cable to operate. Made in USA.
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All versions of AW Direct Hide-Pop™ Strobe Tubes:
Item # Color Connector Mounting Each
NOV700AA Amber AMP Screw-In $51.95
NOV700DA Amber DEUTSCH Screw-In $58.95
NOV700AB Blue AMP Screw-In $51.95
NOV700DB Blue DEUTSCH Screw-In $58.95
NOV700AC Clear AMP Screw-In $33.95
NOV700DC Clear DEUTSCH Screw-In $39.95
NOV700AR Red AMP Screw-In $51.95
NOV700DR Red DEUTSCH Screw-In $58.95
NOV720AA Amber AMP Pop-In $52.95
NOV720DA Amber DEUTSCH Pop-In $57.95
NOV720AB Blue AMP Pop-In $52.95
NOV720DB Blue DEUTSCH Pop-In $57.95
NOV720AC Clear AMP Pop-In $33.95
NOV720DC Clear DEUTSCH Pop-In $39.95
NOV720AR Red AMP Pop-In $52.95
NOV720DR Red DEUTSCH Pop-In $57.95