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Joker Sling Hook, Yellow

Joker Sling Hook, Yellow
Item #: JSH3
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Manufacturer: SPANSET
Manuf. Part #: ASH3
Weight (lbs): 4.8
Color: Yellow
Load Capacity: 8,400 lb.
Price: $89.99
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The simple and safe way to attach your Roundsling to lifting points.

Thread your Roundsling to the Joker Sling Hook without the need for tools. Then attach the Joker to the lifting point on your load. Each hook is color coded to match the Roundsling color and rated capacity. For instance, attach a yellow Joker to a yellow Roundsling for the same WWL, providing you the safest and most efficient operation.

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All versions of Joker Sling Hooks:
Item # Color Load Capacity Each
JSH2 Green 5,300 lb. $70.99
JSH1 Purple 2,600 lb. $52.99
JSH3 Yellow 8,400 lb. $89.99