Komelon Measuring Wheel, 4"-dia.

All of your measuring jobs easy
Komelon Measuring Wheel, 4"-dia.
Item #: MW01
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Manufacturer: KOMELON
Manuf. Part #: 00-ML1212
Weight (lbs): 1.25
Wheel Size: 4"
Price: $35.55
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  • Single 4"-dia. measuring wheel
  • Measure feet/tenths
  • Range of 10,000'
  • Adjustable twist-and-lock handle
  • Fits in a briefcase
  • Accurate gear-driven counter with push-button reset

Lightweight Measuring Wheel is ideal for indoor measuring on smooth, hard surfaces

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All versions of Komelon Measuring Wheels:
Item # Wheel Size Each
MW01 4" $35.55
MW02 4" $53.65
MW03 10" $71.95
MW04 19" $83.45
MW05 10" $126.99