LiftAll Cargo Strap with Flat Hook, 3"W x 30'L

Keep loads secure and worry-free with this cargo strap
Item #: LHS12
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Manufacturer: LIFT-ALL CO INC
Manuf. Part #: 61204
Weight (lbs): 4.16
Description: Cargo Strap with Flat Hook
Width: 3"
Price: $28.95
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Ideal for securing loads for over-the-road transport use. The flat hook style fits into rub rails and stake pockets. Strap measures 30'L. Has a 5,000-lb. WLL and requires a ratchet or cargo winch for tightening. Not for use with 2"W ratchets.

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Item # Description Width Each
LHS12 Cargo Strap with Flat Hook 3" $28.95
LHS13 Cargo Strap with Triangle 3" $32.95
LHS14 Cargo Strap with Chain 3" $42.95
LHS20 Cargo Strap with Flat Hook 4" $36.95
LHS30 Cargo Strap with Triangle 4" $37.95
LHS40 Cargo Strap with Chain 4" $45.95