Heavy-Duty Tow-All Strap, Single Ply, Tuff-Edge II, 2"W x 20'L

Item #: TD221
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Manufacturer: LIFT-ALL CO INC
Manuf. Part #: TS1-80220T
Weight (lbs): 3.1
Description: One Ply
Width 1: 2"
Length (In.): 20'
Basket WLL: 10,600 lb.
VLC: 5,300 lb.
Price: $42.95
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  • One ply
  • 10,600-lb. basket WLL
  • 5,300-lb. vertical WLL

Heavy-Duty Tow-All Strap with Tuff-Edge II material stands up to dirt, sharp edges and abrasion better than standard duty straps. The smooth webbing provides strong pulling power yet won't scratch vehicle surfaces like chain can. Plus it's easier to handle and store than chain. The strap has a Cordura® reinforced eye on each end.

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All versions of LiftAll Heavy-Duty Tow-All Straps:
Item # Description Width 1 Length (In.) Basket WLL VLC Each
TD232 Two Ply 2" 30' 21,400 lb. 10,700 lb. $77.95
TD332 Two Ply 3" 30' 28,600 lb. 14,300 lb. $122.95
TD331 One Ply 3" 30' 16,000 lb. 8,000 lb. $79.95
TD322 Two Ply 3" 20' 28,600 lb. 14,300 lb. $100.95
TD321 One Ply 3" 20' 16,000 lb. 8,000 lb. $57.95
TD221 One Ply 2" 20' 10,600 lb. 5,300 lb. $42.95
TD222 Two Ply 2" 20' 21,400 lb. 10,700 lb. $70.95
TD231 One Ply 2" 30' 10,600 lb. 5,300 lb. $49.95