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Lightweight Aluminum Angle for Medium-Duty Towing

Easier to use than heavy steel!
Lightweight Aluminum Angle for Medium-Duty Towing
Item #: PD30A
Manuf. Part #: PD30A
Weight (lbs): 13.7
Description: Medium-Duty Towing
Length: 56"
Width: 3"
Height: 4"
Depth: 3/8"
Price: $84.99
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Use this lightweight Aluminum Angle to replace heavy steel when towing trucks and buses. It is made from 6061T6 structural aluminum which is half the weight of steel and won't bend or crack as easily. Use for medium-duty towing. 14 lb.

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All versions of Aluminum Angle:
Item # Description Length Width Height Depth Each
PD30A Medium-Duty Towing 56" 3" 4" 3/8" $84.99
PD30B Heavy-Duty Towing 56" 3-1/2" 5" 1/2" $179.85