Manual Tarp Kit for Light-Duty Trucks, Asphalt, Standard Kit

Item #: PC30
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Manuf. Part #: E300-1 G215T
Weight (lbs): 24
Description: Standard Kit
Price: $259.95
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Secure loose material and protect your load.

This 7' x 15' tarp mounts to the cab shield or head-board on your light-duty truck and is held in place by a 2" roller that adjusts to fit 84"–94"W bodies. Tarp pulls out by hand and winds back in with the pivoting crank handle.

Water resistant, woven polypropylene tarp is designed to trap heat and keep asphalt soft. Made in USA.

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All versions of Manual Tarp Kits for Light-Duty Trucks:
Item # Description Each
PC30 Standard Kit $259.95
PC10 Standard Kit $238.65
PC40 Deluxe Kit $300.95
PC20 Deluxe Kit $281.55