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MAxxima 4"-disa. Stop/Tail/Turn LED Light Kit w/ Grommet & Short Wire

Sealed electronics prevent bad connections between the bulb and socket
Item #: AX44RG
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Manufacturer: Maxxima Lighting
Manuf. Part #: AX44RG-KIT
Weight (lbs): 0.6
Description: Lamp, Grommet and Short Wire
LED Color: Red
Function: S/T/T
Price: $35.95
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This sealed body light features internal LEDs for rugged durability and extra long life. The LEDs draw less than 1/2A each, and include a a grommet and short wire. This light has a 4"-dia. and mounts in a standard 4-1/2" round opening. 12V DC. Imported.

Note: If retro-fitting existing incandescent lamps with LED lamps, you'll need to order a kit that includes the grommet or flange and a short wire unique to LED lighting.

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All versions of Maxxima LED Round Body Light Kits - 4":
Item # Description LED Color Function Each
AX44RL Lamp Only Red S/T/T $31.95
AX44RG Lamp, Grommet and Short Wire Red S/T/T $35.95
AX44RF Lamp, Grommet, Stainless Steel Flange and Short Wi Red S/T/T $38.95