Maxxima® Square Pedestal Light, Passenger Side w/ Double Stud

Item #: AX162PS
Manuf. Part #: M42333R/Y
Weight (lbs): 1.14
Description: Passenger Side - Double Stud
Price: $53.99
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17 These lights feature 17 red LEDs, 17 amber LEDs, a polished chrome finished housing, polycarbonate lenses, 9/16 x 1 3/4" mount studs and three wire connections. Choose the single stud mount or the double stud mount style. The double stud mount style comes with either colored lenses or clearn lenses. Meet Federal DOT requirements, however, check with your local DOT to ensure that clear lenses are allowed in your area. Sold individually in driver's side and passenger side versions. 4 1/2D x 4 1/2H (excluding mount bolt). 12 VDC. Imported
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Item # Description Each
AX161DS Driver Side - Single Stud $53.99
AX161PS Passenger Side - Single Stud $53.99
AX162DS Driver Side - Double Stud $53.99
AX162PS Passenger Side - Double Stud $53.99
AX172DS Driver Side - Double Stud - Clear Lenses $53.99
AX172PS Passenger Side - Double Stud - Clear Lenses $53.99