Peerless® V-Bar Single Tire Chains - TC10

Item# : TC10
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Manuf. Part #: 0281955
Weight (lbs): 27.05
Description: Single Chains
Price: $79.99
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Tire chains increase traction in snow and ice.

These tire chains are commercial grade, heavy-duty chains that features a special V-Bar lug reinforced design for maximum strength and durability. Sold in pairs. Imported.

Fits these tire applications: 9.5-14; 7.00-15TR; 7.50-15LT; 9.00-15; 9.15-15; 29x9.50-15LT; LT245/65R15; 7.00-16LT; LT-245/70R15; LT235/75R15; LT225/70R16; 235R15; LT225/75R16; LT235/75R16; LT215/80R16; 8-17.5LT; LT215/85R16; 8.75-16.5LT; LT235/70R16; 8.50-17.5LT; LT215/70R17.5; LT225/70R17.5; LT215/75R17.5; 9.5-16.5LT.
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All versions of Peerless® V-Bar Tire Chains:
SKU Description Each
TC10 Single Chains $79.99
TC11 Single Chains $79.99
TC12 Single Chains $92.99
TC13 Single Chains $76.99
TC14 Single Chains $66.00
TC20 Single Chains $63.74
TC30 Single Chains $157.99
TC31 Single Chains $127.99
TC40 Single Chains $129.99
TC50 Single Chains $125.99
TC60 Single Chains $152.99
TC65 Single Chains $164.99
TC70 Single Chains $85.99
TC71 Single Chains $59.99
TC80 Single Chains $85.99
TC81 Single Chains $112.99
TC82 Single Chains $125.99
TC83 Single Chains $117.99
TCD10 Dual Chains $147.99
TCD20 Dual Chains $192.99
TCD30 Dual Chains $224.99