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Associated Plug-In Jump-Start Set with 800A Clamps

This heavy-duty jump-start set offers reliable high-volume use in extreme climates
Item #: GL15AW
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Manuf. Part #: 6146
Weight (lbs): 26.3
Clamp Amps: 800
Cable Length: 25'
Cable Gauge: 1/0
Price: $749.00
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Jump-start vehicles quickly and safely, without lifting the hood of your service truck.

  • Extra heavy-duty GL15AW cables for truck and high-volume car starting in extremely cold climates F
  • Stainless steel, polarized socket box mounts to your bumper or grill and 4' battery leads permanently attach to your battery.
To jump-start, connect the red clamp to the positive battery post on the dead battery, the black clamp to a ground and plug the other end into the socket box.

Cables 25'/ 1/0 G
Clamp Amps 800
Leads and Attachment 4', Polarized Socket Box
Polarity Light No
Side Post Adapters No

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All versions of Associated Plug-In Jump-Start Sets:
Item # Clamp Amps Cable Length Cable Gauge Each
GL15AW 800 25' 1/0 $749.00
GL1 500 25' 4 $381.25