Rear Mount Timbren Suspension Enhancement System for Pickups/Vans, Dodge RAM 1500/2500 4WD

Item #: TLB307
Manufacturer: TIMBREN IND INC
Manuf. Part #: DR1525H4
Weight (lbs): 10.3
Style: Pickups
Year: 1994-2001
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 1500/2500 (4WD)
Price: $214.95
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Eliminate bottoming out and broken springs. Increase overall stability. Eliminate sway. Cushion your ride for greater comfort and longer vehicle life.

This hollow rubber spring mounts between your truck's frame and axle to work with your existing suspension. While running empty, they cushion your ride, reduce tire wear and increase fuel economy by improving your truck's contact with the road. When loaded, they protect your truck from road shock, bottoming out, roll, sway and broken springs. Timbren SES require no special tools for installation. Designed specifically for pickups and vans, this system increases stability and reduce roll and sway. System is available for nearly all pickups and vans on the road. This model not for use on tow trucks or car carriers. Made in Canada.

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TLB119 Pickups 1997-2003 (F150) 1997-1999 (F250) Ford F150/250 (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB136 Pickups 2004-2008 Ford F150 (4WD) $214.95
TLB137 Pickups 2005-2010 Ford F250 (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB125 Pickups 1980-1996 (F150) 1970-1998 (F250) Ford F150/250 (2WD) $214.95
TLB128 Van 1987-2012 Ford E150 (2WD) $214.95
TLB132 Pickups 1980-1996 (F150) 1970-1998 (F250) Ford F150/250 (4WD) $214.95
TLB130 Pickups 1983-2011 Ford Ranger (2WD) $214.95
TLB134 Pickups 1983-2007 Ford Ranger (4WD) $214.95
TLB203 Pickups 1973-1987 GMC/Chevy K1500/2500 (4WD) $214.95
TLB212 Pickups 1988-1999 GMC/Chevy K1500/2500 (4WD) $214.95
TLB217 Pickups 1999-2014 GMC/Chevy 1500 Sierra/Silverado (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB218 Pickups 1999-2010 GMC/Chevy 1500HD/2500HD 2500 Sierra/Silverado (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB220 Vans 2003-2013 GMC/Chevy G1500/2500 (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB511 Pickups 2004-2012 GMC/Chevy Colorado/Canyon (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB307 Pickups 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 (4WD) $214.95
TLB312 Pickups 2003-2014 Dodge Ram 2500 (2WD/4WD) $214.95
TLB313 SUV 2004-2009 Dodge Durango $214.95
TLB314 Pickups 2005-2011 Dodge Dakota $214.95
TLB411 Pickups 2000-2012 Toyota Tundra $214.95