Timbren Suspension Enhancement System, Rear Mount for Tow Trucks, Ford F250/F350, 2005–2013

Item #: TLB11
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Manufacturer: TIMBREN IND INC
Manuf. Part #: FRTT350F
Weight (lbs): 9.6
Cab Type: Pickup
Years: 05–16
Make: Ford
Models: F250, F350
Drive: 2WD/4WD
Price: $395.95
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Eliminate bottoming out and broken springs. Increase overall stability. Eliminate sway. Cushion your ride for greater comfort and longer vehicle life.

Designed specifically for tow trucks and car carriers, this system transfers the weight of the load forward toward the front of your truck. This prevents rear-end-sag while keeping the front end down, improving steering control and tire wear. Made in Canada.

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All versions of Timbren Rear Mount Suspension Enhancement Systems:
Item # Cab Type Years Make Models Drive Each
TLB46 Pickup, Cab & Chassis 03–16 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB19 Cab & Chassis 88–06 Ford F450, F550 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB29 Cab & Chassis 91–04 GM HD3500 2WD $395.95
TLB27 Cab & Chassis 01–10 GM C/K3500 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB12 Cab & Chassis 05–16 Ford F350 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB31 Pickup 90–00 GM C/K2500, C/K3500 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB11 Pickup 05–16 Ford F250, F350 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB20 Pickup, Cab & Chassis 75–89 GM C2500, C3500 2WD $395.95
TLB14 Cab & Chassis 07–16 Ford F450, F550 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB40 Cab & Chassis 08–16 Dodge 4500/5500 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB42 Cab & Chassis 08–16 Dodge 4500/5500 2WD/4WD $395.95
TLB10 Pickup 11-16 Ford F450 2WD/4WD $395.95