Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes, 10 1⁄2M

These work shoes offer the comfort of athletic footwear with the safety features of a work boot
Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes, 10 1⁄2M
Item #: RB4501105M
Manufacturer: REEBOK
Manuf. Part #: RB4501 10 1⁄2M
Weight (lbs): 3.5
Size: 10.5M
Price: $119.95
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  • Non-metallic toe cap
  • Dual density outsole - rubber bottom and cushioned midsole
  • Static dissipative and dual resistor reduce excess static electricity
  • Extra-wide toe

Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes are ideal for times when you need to spend long hours on your feet. Removable insert wicks away moisture and absorbs shock. Nylon mesh lining. Imported.

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All versions of Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes:
Item # Size Each
RB45017M 7M $119.95
RB450175M 7.5M $119.95
RB45018M 8M $119.95
RB450185M 8.5M $119.95
RB45019M 9M $119.95
RB450195M 9.5M $119.95
RB450110M 10M $119.95
RB4501105M 10.5M $119.95
RB450111M 11M $119.95
RB4501115M 11.5M $119.95
RB450112M 12M $119.95
RB450113M 13M $119.95
RB450114M 14M $119.95
RB450115M 15M $119.95
RB450116M 16M $119.95
RB45017W 7W $119.95
RB450175W 7.5W $119.95
RB45018W 8W $119.95
RB450185W 8.5W $119.95
RB45019W 9W $119.95
RB450195W 9.5W $119.95
RB450110W 10W $119.95
RB4501105W 10.5W $119.95
RB450111W 11W $119.95
RB4501115W 11.5W $119.95
RB450112W 12W $119.95
RB450113W 13W $119.95
RB450114W 14W $119.95
RB450115W 15W $119.95