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I&I Slingmax Single-Path Round Sling, Green, 6,000-lb. WLL, 4'L

An ideal recovery solution over traditional chain
I&I Slingmax Single-Path Round Sling, Green, 6,000-lb. WLL, 4'L
Item #: SRS604
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Manufacturer: I&I SLING INC
Manuf. Part #: SP600-4
Weight (lbs): 1.5
Color: Green
Length: 4'
WLL: 6,000 lb.
Price: $19.95
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Flexible and super strong, the Single-Path Round Sling won't dent or mar surfaces. Braided ends for added durability and higher working load limits. Color-coded by capacity so you'll know the load rating at a glance. Polyester sling is double ply and has a Covermax® cover over polyester fiber cores. Meets ASME-B30.

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All versions of I&I Slingmax Single-Path Round Slings:
Item # Color Length WLL Each
SRS604 Green 4' 6,000 lb. $19.95
SRS306 Purple 6' 3,000 lb. $28.95
SRS303 Purple 3' 3,000 lb. $14.95
SRS2212 Blue 12' 22,000 lb. $148.75
SRS2208 Blue 8' 22,000 lb. $100.55
SRS910 Yellow 10' 9,000 lb. $54.95
SRS908 Yellow 8' 9,000 lb. $45.95
SRS906 Yellow 6' 9,000 lb. $33.95
SRS608 Green 8' 6,000 lb. $33.95
SRS606 Green 6' 6,000 lb. $26.95