Spilfyter® NPS Oil-Only Lightweight Sorbent Pads, 18"L x 16"W, Pkg. of 200

Spilfyter oil-only sorbents made of premium fine fibers absorb 16 times their weight
Item #: LWP16
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Manufacturer: NPS CORP
Manuf. Part #: M-70
Weight (lbs): 17
Description: Lightweight
Style: Pad
Dimensions: 18"L x 16"W
Qty.: 200
Price: $71.45
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  • Oil-only sorbents float, absorb oil and other hydrocarbons while repelling water
  • Excellent liquid retention for cleaning up spills
  • Six times stronger and absorbs more liquid than coarse fiber products
  • USA made

Sorbent Pads feature a fine fiber design that keeps the surface texture strong and uniform. "Interlocking" bonded sorbents prevent separation of fabric during cleanup, leaves more surface area to absorb liquids. Pkg. of 200 has 36 gal. absorbing capacity.

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All versions of NPS Oil-Only Sorbents:
Item # Description Style Dimensions Qty. Each
LWP16 Lightweight Pad 18"L x 16"W 200 $71.45
MWP16 Mediumweight Pad 18"L x 16"W 100 $75.45
HWP16 Heavyweight Pad 18"L x 16"W 100 $71.35
LWR16 Lightweight Roll 300'L x 16"W 2 $144.99
LWR32 Lightweight Roll 300'L x 32"W 1 $144.99
HWR16 Heavyweight Roll 150'L x 16"W 2 $144.99
MWR16 Mediumweight Roll 200'L x 16"W 2 $170.45