Sqwincher® Liquid Concentrate, Fruit Punch

Protect against dehydration with a delicious thirst quencher.
Item #: SQ26688FP
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Manufacturer: SQWINCHER CORP
Manuf. Part #: 26688-FP
Weight (lbs): 5.15
Flavor: Fruit Punch
Size: Makes 5 gal.
Price: $18.99
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Sqwincher replenishes fluids and electrolytes at optimal absorption rates to keep you and your crew hydrated and protected from heat stress. Made in USA.

Six Flavors:

Fruit punch (FP)
Grape (G)
Lemonade (L)
Lemon-Lime (LL)
Orange (OR)
Tropical Cooler (TC)

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All versions of Sqwincher® Liquid Concentrates:
Item # Flavor Size Each
SQ26688FP Fruit Punch Makes 5 gal. $18.99
SQ26688G Grape Makes 5 gal. $18.99
SQ26688L Lemonaide Makes 5 gal. $18.95
SQ26688LL Lemon-Lime Makes 5 gal. $18.99
SQ26688OR Orange Makes 5 gal. $18.99
SQ26688TC Tropical Cooler Makes 5 gal. $18.95