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Drop Hook SullyDoor Tool

Grabs and lifts from almost anywhere
Item #: 3506017
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Manufacturer: Sully Tools
Manuf. Part #: T19
Weight (lbs): 0.2
Price: $18.75
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This product is expected to ship after 10/18/2017.

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Drop Hook Sully features double 90° bends for grabbing and lifting vertical locks and linkages as well as working around components in tight quarters. Door tool is available as a replacement tool or as part of a Sully door tool kit.

WARNING! Door tools cannot ship USPS (United States Postal Service). These tools are not sold or advertised to the general public. In accordance with applicable laws we only sell to locksmiths, auto repossessors, new and used car dealers, towing companies and professional auto mechanics. It is the responsibility of the purchaser that these tools be used in accordance with your state and local laws.