3-Pc. Internal Thread Repair Kit

Instantly repair stripped threads in the field
Item #: NES1007
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Manuf. Part #: NES1007
Weight (lbs): 1.95
Description: 3-Pc. Internal
Price: $236.85
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  • Self-adjust to any thread diameter and pitch within range
  • No need for calibration or identifying fastener thread types
  • Automatically chase undamaged thread sections to regroove damaged sections
  • Sizes 5/16 to 13/16"
  • Metric or UNC thread type

Innovative hand tools quickly restore damaged threads, both inch and metric sizes, without disassembling the damaged parts. Imported.

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All versions of Thread Repair Kits:
Item # Description Each
NES1007 3-Pc. Internal $236.85
NES1008 4-Pc. Internal $329.55
NES1036 2-Pc. Internal $360.55
NES12 2-Pc. External $185.45
NES123 3-Pc. External $514.95
NES1015 3-Pc. Internal/External $228.65
NES1017 4-Pc. Internal/External $298.65
NES1044 3-Pc. Internal/External $154.55