Tingley ANSI Class 3 Black Bottom Sweatshirt, Orange, S

Black bottom and cuffs conceal dirt and stains
Tingley ANSI Class 3 Black Bottom Sweatshirt, Orange, S
Item #: TS78OS
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Manuf. Part #: S78029
Weight (lbs): 1.4
Color: Orange/Black
Size: S
Price: $49.99
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  • High-density polyester construction
  • Features 2W silver reflective tape
  • Pouch pocket
  • Crew neck
  • ANSI Class 3 compliant


See Size Chart for most comfortable fit.

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All versions of ANSI Class 3 Black-Bottom Sweatshirts:
Item # Color Size Each
TS78O3X Orange/Black 3XL $49.99
TS78O2X Orange/Black 2XL $49.99
TS78LXL Lime/Black XL $49.99
TS78LS Lime/Black S $49.99
TS78LM Lime/Black M $49.99
TS78LL Lime/Black L $49.99
TS78OXL Orange/Black XL $49.99
TS78L5X Lime/Black 5XL $49.99
TS78OS Orange/Black S $49.99
TS78L4X Lime/Black 4XL $49.99
TS78OM Orange/Black M $49.99
TS78OL Orange/Black L $49.99
TS78L3X Lime/Black 3XL $49.99
TS78O5X Orange/Black 5XL $49.99
TS78L2X Lime/Black 2XL $49.99
TS78O4X Orange/Black 4XL $49.99