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Trailer Tire and Wheel Assembly, Steel Mini Mod White With Stripe (MW123)

Item #: MW123
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Manuf. Part #: DM225R5D-6MI
Weight (lbs): 52
Load Range: LRD
Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
Tire Size: 225/75R-15
Capacity: 2540-lb. @ 65 psi
Price: $166.25
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Designed to improve the handling and ride characteristics of any towed vehicle. Manufactured and tested to exceed D.O.T. requirements. Tubeless Bias Ply or Radial tire mounted with valve stem and ready to install on your trailer.
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All versions of Steel Mini Mod White With White Stripe Trailer Tire and Wheel Assemblies:
Item # Load Range Bolt Pattern Tire Size Capacity Each
MW112 4-Ply B TL 5x4.5 4.80-12 520-lb. @ 60 psi $53.25
MW119 LRC 5x4.5 205/75R-14 1760-lb. @ 50 psi $127.25
MW123 LRD 6x5.5 225/75R-15 2540-lb. @ 65 psi $166.25
MW124 LRD 6x5.5 235/80R-16 3000-lb. @ 64 psi $180.45
MW121 LRC 5x4.5 205/75R-15 1820-lb. @ 50 psi $142.85
MW110 4-Ply B TL 4x4 4.80-12 520-lb. @ 60 psi $58.35
MW113 6-Ply C TL 5x4.5 4.80-12 990-lb. @ 90 psi $57.45
MW115 6-Ply C TL 5x4.5 5.30-12 045-lb. @ 80 psi $63.35
MW122 8-Ply D TL 6x5.5 225/75D-15 2540-lb. @ 50 psi $142.35
MW117 LRC 5x4.5 175/80R-13 1360-lb. @ 50 psi $99.95