Whelen Clear Strobe Tube with 15'L Cable

Item #: WBBT68
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Manuf. Part #: HA239CD
Weight (lbs): 1
Description: Pop-in Strobe Tube w/ 15'L Cable
Price: $48.44
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Choose to screw the strobe into your light housing or opt to pop-in mount it and let the groove in the base hold it in place. The strobe is hidden from view and doesn't interfere with your regular headlight function until you turn it on with the flip of a switch. This strobe tube comes with a 15'L power cable with DEUTSCH connector. Requires one outlet on the Whelen power supply to operate.
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WBBT68 Pop-in Strobe Tube w/ 15'L Cable $48.44
WBBT69 Pop-in Strobe Tube Only $80.95