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B/A Products 2"W Ratchet with Twisted Hook, Regular Handle

Secure loads with ease
Item #: WT700
Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: 38-10F
Weight (lbs): 2.3
Handle Type: Regular
WLL: 1,000 lb.
Price: $14.99
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This 2"W Ratchet features a regular handle style with double security locking mechanism that makes it more difficult to loosen or open while in service. 1,000 lb. WLL. These are specific for new OEM Equipment on Champion® and Vulcan® Car Carriers Note: Ratchets are the main component of a tie-down. Be sure to use your ratchet's working load limit (WLL) as your guide. These ratchets are for 2"W straps only.

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All versions of B/A Products 2"W Locking Twisted Hook Ratchet Buckles:
Item # Handle Type WLL Each
WT700 Regular 1,000 lb. $14.99
WT701 Wide 1,000 lb. $14.99