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MAXXIMA Mini Combination Clearance/Marker Lights, Lamp with Black Grommet, Clear Lens/Red LEDs

Tiny LED marker lamps take up less space, but have superior light output
Item #: MXB1RC
Manufacturer: Maxxima Lighting
Manuf. Part #: M09300RCL
Weight (lbs): 0.1
LED Color: Red
Lens Color: Clear
Housing: Black Grommet
Price: $11.99
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  • 12V DC
  • Lens measures just 3/4" dia.
  • Mounts in a 3/4" hole

Mini Combination Light has three LEDs and comes with your choice of an attached black grommet or chrome flange for quick mounting. Three SMD LEDs provide superior light output, meeting PC requirements and allows this 3-LED light to serve as two when mounted at a 45 angle.

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All versions of Maxxima Mini Combination Clearance/Marker Lights:
Item # LED Color Lens Color Housing Each
MXB1RC Red Clear Black Grommet $11.99
MXB1RR Red Red Black Grommet $11.99
MXB1YC Amber Clear Black Grommet $11.99
MXB1YY Amber Amber Black Grommet $11.99
MXC1RC Red Clear Chrome Cover $14.79
MXC1RR Red Red Chrome Cover $14.79
MXC1YC Amber Clear Chrome Cover $14.79
MXC1YY Amber Amber Chrome Cover $14.79