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Fiber Core Wire Rope, Swivel Hook & Latch, 3/8" Dia. x 150'L

Winch line with greater flexibility for easier handling
Fiber Core Wire Rope, Swivel Hook & Latch, 3/8" Dia. x 150'L
Item #: FC203L
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Manufacturer: LIFT-ALL CO INC
Manuf. Part #: 3/8'X150SHK-FC-L
Weight (lbs): 40
Diameter: 3/8"
Length: 150'
WLL: 3,760 lb.
Price: $291.99
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  • 3/8" dia. x 150'L
  • 3,760-lb. WLL
  • 6 x 19 construction
  • Fiber Core Wire Rope includes swivel hook with stainless steel latch, thimble and steel sleeve
  • Flemish-spliced and a 500-ton press operation for the strongest attachment
  • Design factor 3:1 ratio

Extra-improved plow steel wire rope is the best choice for quality, strength and durability. The 6 x 19 construction makes it strong and resistant to abrasion while being light, flexible and easy to use. Swivel hook sports a spring-loaded latch and swiveling upper link to keep wire rope straight without coiling or twisting. Match your existing wire rope size or check your winch manufacturer's recommendation before ordering.

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All versions of LiftAll 3/8"-Dia. Domestic Fiber Core Wire Rope with Swivel Hook & Latch:
Item # Diameter Length WLL Each
FC203L 3/8" 150' 3,760 lb. $291.99
FC202L 3/8" 100' 3,760 lb. $219.99
FC201L 3/8" 50' 3,760 lb. $152.99
FC200L 3/8" 35' 3,760 lb. $120.99