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B/A Products Axle Strap with Wear Pad, 2"W x 36"L

Softer polyester material protects vehicles from damage
Item #: TYS53WP
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Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: TYS52WP
Weight (lbs): 1.2
Description: Axle Strap with Wear Pad
Width: 2"
Length: 36"
Price: $24.99
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Simply wrap these triple-ply Axle Straps around the axle and insert a Spring Latch Hook, J-Hook or Chain through the triangles. The 2"W straps feature strong yellow polyester webbing for durability.
  • Protect Vehicle: Softer polyester material protects vehicle from scratches
  • Durable Construction: Yellow polyester webbing ensures visibility and durability
    Working Load Limit: 3,330-lb.
Sold individually.
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Item # Description Width Length Each
TYS53WP Axle Strap with Wear Pad 2" 36" $24.99
TYS53 Axle Strap 2" 36" $20.99
TYS51WP Axle Strap with Wear Pad 2" 22" $17.99
TYS51 Axle Strap 2" 22" $15.99