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B/A Products 2"W Gradual Release Ratchet with 90° Hook

Free up your load at a controlled pace
Item #: WT401G
Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: 38-80A
Weight (lbs): 3.2
Price: $17.99
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This one-of-a-kind ratchet features a step-by-step controlled gradual release action to reduce tension one tooth at a time. The wide handle has a comfortable rubber grip and is easy to operate with gloved hands. Easily put greater tension on the strap for a secure transport.
  • Added Strength: 1,000-lb. WLL
  • Safe: Double-locking security mechanism
  • Easy to Use: Wide handle makes it easy to use with gloves
NOTE: For use with 2"W straps. Only available with wide handle.