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B/A Products Super Swaged IWRC Wire Rope w/ Swivel Hook & Latch, 3/8" Dia. x 50'L

Stronger than standard winch lines of the same diameter
Item #: IC11SCL
Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: 4-S3850S
Weight (lbs): 23
Wire Rope Size: 3/8" dia. x 50'L
WLL: 5,700 lb.
Price: $107.99
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The compact design of this Super Swaged Wire Rope makes it up to 26% stronger than standard winch lines of the same diameter. The outer wires have a larger surface area than standard winch lines, providing better resistance to wear and tear. The already compact line is also resistant to drum crushing. The 6 x 26 IWRC construction features a stainless steel duplex sleeve that maximizes sleeve to wire rope contact and a strong alloy Swivel Hook and Latch.
  • Stronger Design: Compact design allows for up to 26% greater strength
  • Resistant to Drum Crushing: Swaging process and compact design improve resistance to abrasion, pig tailing, kinking and crushing
  • Durable Construction: Features stainless steel Duplex Sleeve and strong alloy Swivel Hook for ultimate durability
  • Design Factor: 3.55:1 ratio
Match to your existing wire rope size or check your winch manufacturer's wire rope size recommendation before ordering.
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All versions of B/A Products Super Swaged IWRC Wire Rope with Swivel Hook and Latch:
Item # Wire Rope Size WLL Each
IC11SCL 3/8" dia. x 50'L 5,700 lb. $107.99
IC20SCL 7/16" dia. x 50'L 7,600 lb. $141.99
IC12SCL 3/8" dia. x 150'L 5,700 lb. $225.99
IC10SCL 3/8" dia. x 35'L 5,700 lb. $96.99
IC13SCL 3/8" dia. x 100'L 5,700 lb. $161.99
IC34SCL 1/2" dia. x 75'L 9,800 lb. $215.99
IC14SCL 3/8" dia. x 75'L 5,700 lb. $134.99
IC22SCL 7/16" dia. x 150'L 7,600 lb. $322.99
IC15SCL 3/8" dia. x 56'L 5,700 lb. $115.99
IC32SCL 1/2" dia. x 150'L 9,800 lb. $402.99
IC21SCL 7/16" dia. x 100'L 7,600 lb. $231.99
IC31SCL 1/2" dia. x 100'L 9,800 lb. $278.99
IC24SCL 7/16" dia. x 75'L 7,600 lb. $186.99
IC40SCL 5/8" dia. x 50'L 15,200 lb. $218.89
IC41SCL 5/8" dia. x 75'L 15,200 lb. $268.89
IC42SCL 5/8" dia. x 100'L 15,200 lb. $328.89
IC43SCL 5/8" dia. x 150'L 15,200 lb. $388.89
IC44SCL 5/8" dia. x 200'L 15,200 lb. $448.89
IC45SCL 5/8" dia. x 250'L 15,200 lb. $508.89