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B/A Products Grade 70 Cluster Hook V-Chain Bridle with 6' Legs

Be ready to load any auto - large or small
Item #: MAB72EL
Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: G711-8LU6
Weight (lbs): 16.5
Legs: Double
Hooks: Cluster
Price: $104.99
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These Cluster Hook Chain V-Bridles feature a sturdy Master Link, two Transport Chain Legs and grab Hooks that allow you to shorten chain legs in the field. Cluster hooks feature Mini J-Hooks, Mini T-Hooks and Mini R-Hooks.
  • Durable Construction: Grade 70 5/16" steel components
  • Versatility: Cluster hooks allow you to load any auto - large or small
  • WLL: 5,400-lb. at 60° angle
Not for recovery.
Not for Recover Tech Tip

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All versions of B/A Products Grade 70 Cluster Hook Chain V-Bridles:
Item # Legs Hooks Each
MAB72EL Double Cluster $104.99
MAB72E Double Cluster $74.99