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PriorityStart! Battery Protector, Professional Series 24V

Prevents complete battery discharge while holding reserve power for engine start up
Item #: BD14
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Manuf. Part #: PSI-24V-PROMAX
Weight (lbs): 1.5
Description: 24V Professional Series Battery Protector
Price: $122.95
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These Battery Protectors monitor voltage and starting power while the engine is off, automatically disconnecting the draining load when voltage falls below a set level. Protectors feature surge and voltage protection and work with either top-or side-post batteries. Step on the brake pedal and starting power is automatically reconnected.

Option: Heavy-Duty 12V Professional Battery Protector includes LED indicator light to let you know it is connected.

  • Versatile: Works with top- and side-post batteries
  • Safety Precautions: Features surge and voltage protection
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BD14 24V Professional Series Battery Protector $122.95