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BULLARD Retro-Reflective® Series Helmet, Red, Pinlock, Full Brim

Rugged helmets offer superior impact protection
Item #: BULHR
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Manufacturer: BULLARD CO
Manuf. Part #: FH911H RED
Weight (lbs): 1.1
Color: Red
Suspension: Pinlock
Style: Full-Brim
Price: $54.99
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This helmet offers tremendous protection and delivers added electrical insulation to help keep you safe on the job. Manufactured from heat-resistant thermoplastic for superior impact and penetration protection. Reflective stripe provides increased visiblity. ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1, Class E and G. This is the safety standard vs fire rating from NFPA. NFPA 1977-2011.

  • Comfortable: Six-point, pinlock suspension
  • Secure fit: Chin strap with quick-release fasteners
  • Versatile: Shell-bonded goggle clips
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All versions of BULLARD Retro-Reflective Series Helmets:
Item # Color Suspension Style Each
BULHR Red Pinlock Full-Brim $54.99
BULHO Orange Pinlock Full-Brim $47.99
BULCY Yellow Pinlock Cap-Style $50.99
BULCR Red Pinlock Cap-Style $50.99
BULHRY Yellow Ratchet Full-Brim $54.99
BULCO Orange Pinlock Cap-Style $47.99
BULHRR Red Ratchet Full-Brim $54.99
BULHRO Orange Ratchet Full-Brim $54.99
BULCRY Yellow Ratchet Cap-Style $50.99
BULCRR Red Ratchet Cap-Style $50.99
BULCRO Orange Ratchet Cap-Style $50.99
BULHY Yellow Pinlock Full-Brim $54.99