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Collision Wrap Film, 18"W x 100'L Roll

4-mil thick wrap with extra high tack is ideal for most demanding applications
Collision Wrap Film, 18"W x 100'L Roll
Item #: CW18100
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Manuf. Part #: VT40C
Weight (lbs): 2.8
Roll Length: 100'
Roll Width: 18"
Price: $24.99
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  • Helps protect open interiors from rain, wind and dirt
  • Preserves contents of vehicles for investigations
  • Easily applied with just one person
  • Adheres to glass, plastic, fiberglass, metal, fabrics and itself
  • 4-mil thick to resist punctures, but easily cut to size

Simply press one end of the Collision Wrap Film to the vehicle's surface to start seal/wrap until area is covered.

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All versions of Collision Wrap Film:
Item # Roll Length Roll Width Each
CW18100 100' 18" $24.99
CW24100 100' 24" $34.99
CW36100 100' 36" $49.99