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Magnetic Emergency Flashers, Amber LEDs/Amber Lens

Battery powered, no wiring needed
Magnetic Emergency Flashers, Amber LEDs/Amber Lens
Item #: ED0016A
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Weight (lbs): 1
LED Color: Amber
Lens Color: Amber
Price: $23.99
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  • 18 LEDs
  • Flashing and steady burn modes
  • Powered by (4) AA batteries
  • High-strength magnet

Long-lasting, low-maintenance LED warning light has no moving parts. Bright LEDs with a durable amber polycarbonate lens. The unit can be mounted in a variety of places for added safety.

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All versions of ECCO Magnetic Emergency Flashers:
Item # LED Color Lens Color Each
ED0016A Amber Amber $23.99
ED0016R Red Red $23.99