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Ecco Tri-Color Directional LED Warning Light, Blue/Amber/White

Get the flexibility of three different color outputs within a single unit
Ecco Tri-Color Directional LED Warning Light, Blue/Amber/White
Item #: ED3766BAW
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Weight (lbs): 0.5
LED Color: Blue/Amber/White
Lens Color: Clear
Price: $114.99
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Tri-Color Directional LED Warning Light allows the creation of attention-getting multi-color warning system with half the number of lights typically required. You can program the unit to flash each color option individually or alternate colors. Clear lens. Synchronizable. SAE J595 Class 1.Highly Visible: 18 high-intensity LEDs, six of each color Versatile: 24 flash patterns Low Amperage Draw: 0.9A draw Low Profile: 6.4"L x 1.4"W x 1.2"D Standard Power: 12/24V DC
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All versions of ECCO Tri-Color Directional LED Warning Lights:
Item # LED Color Lens Color Each
ED3766BAW Blue/Amber/White Clear $114.99
ED3766RAW Red/Amber/White Clear $114.99